• Smoothies

    Everything You Need to Know About Smoothies

    Smoothies are drinks that are made by mixing fruit with a liquid or non-liquid base, with a blender. Usually the liquid is a fruit juice, but sometimes it can be vegetable juice as well. A smoothie may have a creamy liquid base like water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, or sometimes milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese. It is very common to see smoothies in a sports arena, and particularly popular among athletes, as they provide a quick energy boost. There are many different types of smoothies, some of which are more delicious than others. If you are not familiar with what a smoothie exactly is, take a look at the following…

  • Smoothies

    How To Make Smoothies Healthy

    Smoothies are one of the fastest growing drinks in the market today. The reason for this surge in popularity is easy to understand: smoothies are very easy to make, take very little preparation time, and are extremely nutritious and delicious! They have been a huge hit in the health and fitness world, and with good reason – smoothies allow you to get your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre without having to cook, cleanse or prepare the other ingredients separately. A smoothie is basically a beverage made by blending various fresh fruit and/or vegetable(s) with a blender. A smoothie most often contains a liquid base like water, fruit…