What Is a Tasting Menu?

A tasting menu, sometimes called a meal ticket, is a set of three dishes in very small portions, usually served as a single course, to a specific group of people. The term “tasting menu” is somewhat misleading, as it implies that the dishes are offered to an entire table at once. In fact, in most cases the dishes are ordered separately and then combined when the meal is complete. The term “tasting menu” is sometimes used interchangeably with” buffet menu,” and sometimes with “deluxe dining menu.” In some restaurants, a tasting menu may be offered as a promotion to new customers.

The general arrangement of the dishes on a tasting menu depends on the type of restaurant and the specific purpose of the menu. For example, if the menu offers a particular type of food, such as an exclusive cake or specialty cheese, the selection of that food will be decided by the particular chef or restaurant owner. In other cases, the menu may be completely random, indicating any combination of meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, shellfish, and shellfish products. In both cases, the general impression created is that the dishes were selected solely on the basis of personal preference.

In some cases where the menu can be used as promotion, the tasting menu can serve as the “word of mouth” marketing piece that encourages diners to take advantage of a sale. In this case, the price of the entire dinner is the selling point, and the promotional message is directed to the paying customer. In this way, it serves the dual purposes of meeting the budget requirements of the business and communicating a quality standard to the public. In any event, the menu, when designed in this manner, can be a highly effective form of advertising, as it gets the message out about the quality of the food and the quality of the company.